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Design Shelter is a leading provider of lightweight, soft walled portable shelter and remote camp support systems.

Design Shelter has been perfecting the design of the H and LH series of shelters for more than 25 years. Continual evolution of the basic octagonal shape has resulted in what we believe is the finest quality portable shelter of its kind. Design Shelter customers are repeat customers. Orders received via word of mouth are common. We take great pride in the quality of our shelters.

Design Shelter products are all developed with one primary goal in mind – to maintain our leadership position in supplying high quality, lightweight, portable and rapidly deployable shelter systems that when field operational, create exceptional interior spaces. Our aim is to allow our clients an opportunity to establish camp quickly and efficiently, and then get to work on the task at hand.


Baker Lake Exploration Camp

Design Shelter has built a healthy domestic business in Canada and has gained significant international experience over the years. The company has evolved from a supplier of tree planting and forest firefighting crews, to emergency management and field medical operations. Our markets include military, remote workforce camps, search and rescue, business continuity, private campgrounds & public parks, and eco-tourism operations world-wide.

Design Shelter Inc. is a wholly owned private Canadian corporation. Design Shelter actively sells to both domestic and international markets worldwide.

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