Vestibules & Interconnect Kits

Interconnected Shelter Complex

Interconnected Shelter Complex

Design Shelter has designed a series of special kits to provide access to our shelter systems through the following options:

DSI Entry/Exit Vestibule

For applications where the interior temperature of one of our shelters is being controlled by an independent heating or cooling source, the DSI entry/exit vestibule was developed. The vestibule was designed to minimize the temperature variance upon entering or exiting that climate controlled interior space during extreme weather conditions. Working in a similar fashion to a vestibule or enclosed front porch of a home, our DSI vestibule provides for a dead air space between the exterior ambient environment and the interior climate controlled environment. Without the vestibule  in place, interior climate controlled air can quickly be lost when occupants need to move between the inside and the outside of the shelter.  This is especially true when the transferring of supplies from outdoors to within is required. Use of the DSI vestibule in extreme temperature environments will ultimately save your organization costs associated with heating and cooling.

DSI Interconnect Hallway

The DSI hallway kit allows for clients to interconnect their independent shelter systems together to form a larger complex of individual rooms. Doors can be inserted in these hallways for privacy or they can be left open to create a hallway between adjacent shelters.

For clients with severe ambient weather conditions these hallways allow occupants free and easy access throughout the complex without ever having to leave the complex proper. This promotes a more comfortable working environment inside the complex, and allows staff the freedom to transfer between different sections of the complex without exposure to external temperature or weather environments.

The DSI hallway kit allows clients the flexibility to design their complex in such a way that maximizes staff performance and ultimately reduces operating costs by sharing of internal heating and/or cooling sources.

Interconnect Hallway Kit

Interconnect Hallway Kit

Interconnecting Hallway - Internal View

Interconnecting Hallway – Internal View

DSI Vehicle Interface

The Design Shelter vehicle interface kit has been designed to allow for emergency and military vehicles to gain access to the Design Shelter portable complex without exposure to ambient weather conditions. The kit allows for most vehicles (applicable vehicles to be reviewed with your Design Shelter local sales representative) to utilize their rear utility doors for entry and exit to the shelter complex.

A special vehicle boot has been designed that allows a weather resistant seal around the vehicle. The vehicle interface airspace can be either heated to cooled as an option. A door can be inserted in between the vehicle interface and the shelter space if desired.

Like all other Design Shelter products, the vestibule, hallway and vehicle interface boot are designed to be lightweight and deployable without tools. Each kit is fabricated from the same raw materials used for our portable shelter systems so are rugged and ergonomic.

Military Interconnect Sample

Military Interconnect Sample

NOTE: Currently only the H20 and MH20, the LH1935 and MLH1935, and the LH1950 and MLH1950 shelters are offered with the DSI vestibule, hallway or vehicle interface kit.  For other portable shelter models please contact your local Design Shelter sales representative to review your specific application.