Wiring & Lighting


LED Light Kit

Design Shelter custom fit electric wiring harness and light sets provide our customers with the ability to enjoy modern electronic conveniences within our shelters.

Wiring Harnesses and Panels

Wiring harnesses are offered in two versions – one through the use of Design Shelter’s interior based electrical distribution panel and one that is a stand- alone wiring harness.

DSI’s in-tent panel provides for either single or 3 phase inputs of up to 100A then redistributes power to either three (3) or four (4) individual circuits – two 15A circuits make use of Design Shelter’s GFI protected wiring harness that is secured to the interior of the mainframe at eye level. Either one or two additional dedicated 20A circuits are available through dual gang electrical receptacles mounted directly on the panel.  All Design Shelter in-tent electrical panels and wiring harnesses offer electromagnetic and surge protection and are offered with CSA certification.

Alternatively, for basic installations, DSI offers it’s wiring harness solutions as stand-alone 15A circuits that are fed with standard three prong electrical feeds.
In both cases, the H series shelter makes use of one 15A string of circuits (either 3 or 5 interior dual gang receptacles) and the LH series two 15A strings (for a total of either 6 or 10 interior dual gang receptacles).

Power must be supplied to the wiring harness kit either through a direct electric feed from external sources or through that of a portable fuel fired electric generator.
Light Kits

Design Shelter offers two different styles of ruggedized light kit, one fluorescent and one LED solution.

Our fluorescent light and wiring harness set has been designed to integrate easily to the interior roof and sides of the shelter mainframe. Our T-8 dual bulb ruggedized and weather resistant light enclosure works from either an inline or standard light switch provided at each door.

Design Shelter also offers LED lighting kits designed for our portable shelters.  Offered in standard white light configurations, additional MILSTD kits are also available that offer military blackout operation in either red or green light. MILSTD lighting kits have individual unit mounted light controls or command control located at door entrances that deliver full white, 50% white and covert mode, in either red or green lighting conditions.

Our heavy duty switch-controlled, ruggedized and weather resistant lighting kits provide ample light to the inside of any Design Shelter. All light kits can be individually controlled or connected in series (daisy chain).