Anchor Kits

Design Shelter MH, MLH and DRT series shelters are lightweight and versatile for deployment in some of the world’s harshest weather environments. When anchored properly to the ground, Design Shelter performance is unmatched.

Proper shelter anchoring cannot be overlooked as it is the primary consideration required to protect your asset in the field. Reliable shelter is paramount for our clients and without adequate anchoring you run the risk of losing your protection against the elements.

Designed To Withstand Severe Winds

Designed To Withstand Severe Winds


Adequate anchor holes have been located in each base plate located at the bottom of each leg bar in all shelter models.  For deployments on asphalt or when wooden platforms are utilized, clients may wish to use these anchor positions for asphalt stakes or lag bolts. For severe wind conditions it is also recommended the guy lines be utilized to minimize lateral movement of the mainframe at eye level.


Design Shelter has carefully created an optional guyed anchor kit that comprises of extra strength tension webbing and thumb buckles with extreme holding power each delivering up to 907 kg (2,000 lbs) of pull tension. Coupled with our specially designed stainless steel mainframe anchor clips, all DSI H and LH shelters can be securely anchored to the ground. Each tension strap has heavy duty spring loaded clips at each end of the webbing to allow ease of installation in the field. Tensioning buckles allow for maximizing the tension force between tent and ground after they are installed.

As an option to the standard anchor kit, DSI can supply custom fabricated 46 cm (18”) heavy duty steel spikes to ensure adequate ground penetration. All spikes include a large eyelet to attach the web strapping. All steel spike anchors are coated with water resistance paint to reduce corrosion.

Optional “Platapus” brand anchors can also be supplied upon request for loose earth and sandy locations.

QTY eight (8) guyed anchors are provided with each MH series and QTY twelve (12) anchors with each MLH1935 and QTY sixteen (16) with each MLH1950 series shelter kit


Design Shelter has developed a unique anchoring product that does not require ground penetration to adequately secure the shelters to the ground. DSI’s water and sand anchor bladders allow your organization to deploy to any remote location with either abundant access to water, sand or even gravel, stones or rocks.

The standard 500 L (132 USgal) anchor bladder weighs ~500 kg (1,100 lbs) when full of water. Combined with the Design Shelter guy line anchor straps, this method allows the shelter mainframe to be directly attached to provide more than 500 kg (1,100 lbs) of weight at strategically located places around the shelter. For the MH series shelters, DSI recommends the use of a minimum of 2 anchor bladders and for the MLH series a minimum of 4.

An alternative version to this water bladder style anchor is our optional dry bladder unit designed to utilize either sand, gravel or stones. Depending on local conditions and the availability of these resources, this unique anchor is offered as a converted dry pocket type bladder that allows sand, gravel or stones to be laid inside and sealed with heavy duty style Velcro fastener.

CAUTION! The actual weight of the anchor bladder when sand, gravel or stones are used will be less than when water is utilized. It is recommended that the dry bladder be filled as much as reasonably possible and that extra bladders are used to adequately secure your shelter to the ground. For the MH series shelter Design Shelter recommends a minimum of 4 dry bladders be used and for the MLH series shelters a minimum of 6 dry bladders utilized.


Different situations and ground conditions dictate different approaches to anchoring the shelters properly. Design Shelter recognizes that there exists different anchoring solutions on the market and we have direct experience with many of them. Should your camp have a unique circumstance where the standard anchoring options presented here may not apply, please contact your Design Shelter sales representative for alternative recommendations.