Storage Bags & Aluminum Cases



Design Shelter offers heavy duty vinyl field bags for all shelters and most accessory items in order to transport and keep components together. Delivered as a standard item, our field bags are designed so that no single bag – with contents – weighs more than 40 kg (88 lbs).  This allows all Design Shelter field kit to be easily transported and handled by one person in any location. Typically, a single person can handle the contents contained within a field bag but adequate handles are located to accommodate more than one person if desired. Design Shelter field bags are fabricated using heavy duty industrial vinyl coated polyester scrim for longevity and reliable performance over the life of your shelter kit.


Stoarge Bags


Design Shelter has designed a series of aluminum field cases ideally suited to keep shelter kit optimally protected and together in the field. DSI cases offer ample internal space for storage and protection of our portable shelters.  Each case is designed to store all components of each shelter series that are already contained in our ruggedized field bags.  They are weather tight to prevent moisture and dust from entering during inclement weather.  Our cases have recessed handles to allow for up to 8 persons to safely move a loaded case. Optional wheel kits are available to make movement of each loaded case even easier in the field.

Design Shelter cases are designed to be stackable 3 high and conform to accommodate industry standard 463L military aircraft pallets. For field applications, every Design Shelter case lid can optionally be transformed into a work table through the installation of supplied adjustable height legs.

Aluminum Cases

Stackable Aluminum Cases

Case Wheel Kit

Case Lide Table Top