Business Continuity


“Colonial Insurance procured a portable business continuity facility from Design Shelter for operations in both Cayman and Bahamas in the event of building loss due to a hurricane or other form natural disaster. We plan to use this facility as our disaster centre with primary focus on insurance claims processing.  So far we have avoided using it in a real situation, but we have already had many successful exercises to prove our ability to professionally help our clients when in an emergency situation.  I would recommend you give serious consideration to this innovative solution from Design Shelter, for any similar requirement for emergency operations.”

Ian Cummings, Vice President Information Technology, Colonial Insurance Group International Ltd.


Natural disasters can result in the loss of critical business infrastructure.  Communications, electric power and critical services such as insurance adjustment need to become operational as quickly as possible.

Design Shelter has supplied base camps of operation to field crews who are tasked with getting the infrastructures of communities back on-line. In hurricane prone areas, Design Shelter has supplied portable and mobile business continuity facilities.  Within hours of a natural disaster, critical services companies can establish a temporary base of operations so that they can expediently assist those that have been adversely affected.


Cayman Post Hurricane Business Continuity Facility