MLH Series Shelters

“The three Long Habitats we purchased were great. With the amount of rain we had we would not have survived without them. Our old canvas tents would still be drying. The fact that it was free standing meant no damage to the archaeological site we were camping on. I would recommend the “Habitat” to anyone for recreation or work in the outdoors.”

John Reid, Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto


The MLH (Long Habitat) series shelters offer substantially more uninterrupted floor space than our standard MH series octagonal design. The MLH is an elongated octagonal shelter that offers the same structural rigidity as its smaller counterpart. Due to their simplicity in construction and shape they are erected easily and are extremely stable in high wind conditions. The MLH series shelter is ideal for larger workspaces including areas to be used for kitchens, dining and dormitories.

MLH series features include:

  • Easily erected by four persons without tools in less than 30 minutes
  • Structurally superior articulated aircraft grade aluminum mainframe assembly
  • Waterproof vinyl cover with antimicrobial (ensures the prevention of mold) and ultraviolet light (UV) inhibitor
  • Full height vertical sidewalls at 183 cm (72”)
  • Lightweight and specially designed for a high degree of mobility
  • 4 layer (exterior storm flap, bug screen, clear vinyl window and interior privacy flap) extra-large window design to maximize natural light and fresh air ventilation

MLH series are designed for military applications and features include:

  • Special frame and cover set modifications to allow accelerated set up time (6 soliders in under 10 minutes).
  • Customer engineered to meet MILSTD 310G specifications
  • Special olive drab and desert sand vinyl coloring offered in blackout
  • Unique sidewall panel design to allow door locations anywhere
  • Minimal loose parts offered to maximize deployment efficiency
  • Superior thermal insulation package offered as standard equipment
  • Optional solar shade/fly offered in state of the art camouflage to maximize the reduction of interior shelter heat load
  • Optional custom design and fabrication offered for unique warfighter requirements
  • Plus many additional features specially created for the warfighter
  • Plus all features included with MLH series