Design Shelter has developed a portfolio of products for clients required to work and live in any location globally and when necessary, for extended periods of time.


All company products are designed to be lightweight and portable to allow efficient and cost effective freight transportation and logistics to remote locations.


Once on site, our camps set up quickly and expediently. Individual shelters can be set up in less than 10 minutes and an entire base camp can be erected in less than one day.


More importantly, once set up and operational, our shelters offer unprecedented comfort and reliability when it is most needed. Our clients consistently rank the ergonomics of our shelter systems as the best in the market. This means that the internal atmosphere stands alone on delivering a comfortable working environment in all weather conditions.


All shelter systems are offered with custom designed support systems to compliment the overall camp experience which includes portable toilet and shower systems to support any sized camp.


Whether your application is for a small often redeployed camp or for a more permanent long term camp facility, Design Shelter offers the solution you need to ensure that your field crews are comfortable and productive.

Shelter Overview

MH Series Shelters

MLH Series Shelters

Shelter Assembly

“The Nunatsiavut Group of Companies currently manages and operates the Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station in remote Northern Labrador. We utilize a variety of Design Shelters ranging in sizes from 16 x 16 to the larger 19 x 35’s. Over the past several years we have continued to add to our collection as they are simple to assemble and offer our clients great comfort.  We are very pleased with the Design Shelters and would recommend them for any remote base camp operation.”                 

Wayne Broomfield, Manager, NGC Nunatsiavut Solutions and Base Camp Manager for Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station

Torgat Mountain Base Camp

Aurora Borealis Nights

Edge of the Ice Floe Arctic Bay Baffin Island Nunavut