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Search and rescue (SAR) operations are often required in difficult to reach and remote locations.  Design Shelter portable base camps are ideal for SAR operations as they transport easily and efficiently and when deployed provide rescuers and those that have been rescued with temporary facilities in often difficult environmental conditions. Where base camp operations are necessary, and where rescues can only take place with air support, Design Shelters perform exceptionally well.

For Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) operations, a Design Shelter operational base camp has become a critical piece of kit in that market. Unmatched deployment capability allows our public safety leaders to get to work quickly and direct their highly trained rescue staff to assist citizens from circumstances of urban disaster.

Urban Search and Rescue Exercise

Urban Search And Rescue Exercise

Urban Search and Rescue Exercise


Design Shelter field kit allows our public safety first responders to get to the task at hand by establishing a field camp quickly and to count on reliable shelter performance for as long as it takes to complete their mission.

As a lightweight portable solution, first responders can transport Design Shelter field kit quickly for a base of operations for police, fire or medical emergency. When the incident has been addressed, the shelters are easily packed away and ready to use for a future emergency requirement.

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