Diesel Fired Water Heaters


Through our preferred partner, Design Shelter can supply diesel fired water heaters that have been specifically engineered for operationally deployed teams and units who require reliable, on-demand, high-flow hot water delivery and precise holding temperatures.  This durable and portable system offers tremendous interoperability and broad spectrum interface with field showers, hygiene centres, field kitchens, and other applications.  The user-friendly configuration and ease of operation make this system extremely popular.

This rugged and self-contained hot water delivery system provides up to 45.5 LPM (12 USGPM) of controlled temperature flow in half the weight and at approximately one third the cost of competing military and conventional style water heating systems.

The adjustable thermostat and simple operating procedures allow maximum utility and performance of the system while minimizing operator-dependent functions and involvement.  Unlike most hot water delivery systems, the Water Dragon™ has no holding reservoir or tank, so it can deliver a continuous water supply while holding a +/-1 degree temperature within a 1-second flow change.  Whether the system is chosen for showering, general hygiene, field kitchens, HAZMAT, decontamination purposes, or other military, federal and first responder applications, this hot water delivery system will quickly be considered an important and dependable resource in your arsenal of “must have” products.

WSS Water Heater

WSS Water Dragon Diesel Water Heater