Thermal Insulation


Design Shelter offers thermal insulation kits for its MH and MLH series shelters that are second to none in the industry. Offering an impressive effective R-value of ~9, our thermal insulation kits provide superior insulation quality in either hot or cold climates and extend the shelter operating ambient temperature range from -50°C to +50°C.

Our base insulation fabric provides a dual layer of reflective aluminized radiant barrier coupled with an airspace, which together offer superior thermal insulation properties. A layer of air bubble pack is enclosed between two layers of aluminum foil with a thin layer of antimicrobial vinyl bonded to the inside. Our insulated covers work extremely well in both hot and cold climates by reflecting and retaining radiant heat produced inside the shelter, or for hot climates, by protecting against the sun’s radiant energy to naturally keep the interior space of the shelter cooler than the outdoor ambient temperature.

The interior white colour of the insulation reflects light for a fresh, bright and roomy feel to the interior of the shelters. The lightweight vinyl fabric provides occupants with a sense of quality comfort inside. Furthermore, the durable interior facing vinyl layer allows easy cleaning to maintain a bright white finish.

For the MH and MLH series shelters, the thermal insulation set is combined with the exterior vinyl to form one piece. This allows superior assembly of the shelter kit in a military environment.

Our superb thermal insulation performance allows heating and air conditioning equipment to operate more efficiently which directly results in significant fuel savings.

Stay warm or cool inside any Design Shelter with our optional insulated cover set.


Thermal Insulation – Interior View Of Interconnected Shelter Complex

Thermal Insulation – Interior View Of Interconnected Shelter Complex