Bunk Beds & Cots


Like all Design Shelter products, both the DSI Cot and the Portable Bunk Bed Set were designed for ease of use and setup in the field. The entire cot or bunk bed assembly folds down into a convenient heavy duty field bag for ease of transport and storage. Each cot or bunk measures a very comfortable 198 cm (78”) long by 76 cm (30”) wide when in the assembled condition. No tools are required for assembly.

Each cot is designed to support up to 114 kg (250 lbs) and each bunk bed set is designed to support up to 228 kg (500 lbs) of combined weight or a maximum of 114 kg (250 lbs) per bunk. Fabricated from oversized rectangular anodized tubing covered with 610 g/m2 (18 oz/yd2) polyester mesh, the DSI cot or portable bunk bed is designed to create a comfortable sleeping pocket for each individual. Leg stands are articulated and collapse conveniently for storage. The cot or bunk bed is fully self-supporting and adaptable on uneven ground.

Portable Bunk Beds

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