Design Shelter Flooring is offered in 3 options:


Our most cost effective solution is our heavy duty vinyl floor system which is laid down within the shelter and runs up a portion of the side walls to minimize or eliminate groundwater penetration. The soft fabric flooring is manufactured from the same vinyl formulation as the shelters themselves but is offered in a heavier duty format to provide greater ruggedness. The vinyl floor fabric has been carefully selected to balance ruggedness with total weight as Design Shelter strives to minimize weight with all of our shelters and support products. All DSI vinyl floor solutions are offered with Velcro style fastener which allows the floor to be secured to the inside of the side walls thus maximizing the resistance or penetration of groundwater or insects to the shelter.

Vinyl Floor System

Designed To Prevent Water Ingress


Warrior Floor panels have been uniquely designed for a wide variety of rigorous applications.  Polyolefin thermoplastic has been incorporated into the base formulation for enhanced safety in order to address a wide range of potential hazards.  The Warrior Floor system has been designed for longevity and superior performance in any application. Exceptional performance in extreme cold weather conditions with temperatures to as low as -50°C (-58°F), demonstrates Design Shelter’s commitment to providing a superior solution for the polar regions of the world.  The Warrior Floor panel ergonomic design and superior performance is unmatched in the industry.

Warrior Floor panels offer many standard features including UV protection, high impact resistance, non-slip tread surface, drainage, anchor points and a specially designed unique data cable management system.  Optional considerations include fire retardance and anti-static capability.

Warrior Floor panels are shipped in squares and are designed to accommodate any international pallet size.  When on site, should extra flexibility be required, each Warrior panel can be separated across its diagonal into two pieces, to allow for 45° angle installations.

Standard Warrior Floor panels include the following features:
  • Designed for applications as cold as -50°C (-58°F).
  • Positive snap locking of adjacent panels to reduce tripping hazards and to accommodate uneven ground.
  • Sturdy and robust panels of 4.0 cm (1.575”) thick.
  • Deployable in 45° angles if desired and ideal for pathways.
  • Stackable and designed for fit on standard international pallet sizes for ease of transportation.
  • Ideal for foot and vehicle traffic.
  • Cable trays to accommodate data cables and standard electrical extension cords.
  • Single piece construction.
  • Superior tread plate design to maximize grip even when wet.
  • Allowance for adequate drainage of floor panel surface.
  • Strategically positioned anchor points for spikes up to 2 cm (3/4”) in diameter.
  • Flexible for uneven ground and near level applications.
  • Optionally offered with flame and smoke retardant formulations as well as anti-static capability.

Warrior Flooring Panels

Interconnected Warrior Panels With Cable Trays


Based on specific client requirements and for applications that are very remote, DSI has designed a series of wooden platforms that can be easily installed to allow for an adequate airspace under the shelter and to provide an absolutely level flooring environment.

Please contact your Design Shelter sales representative directly should you be interested in building wood platforms for any of our shelter series products. As an option, Design Shelter will be pleased to arrange for, and build your wood platforms on site or will work closely with your construction contractor by supporting them with detailed platform drawings and appropriate bill of materials.

Custom Built Wooden Platforms

Platform Designs For Any Location