Shelter Overview

“We just arrived home from the top of the world on Mount Everest. The Habitat was a safe haven for us. We really needed it in the middle of nowhere. They are fantastic tents. The best “large” tents I’ve ever used. It held off 100-120kph wind gusts, no problem. Thanks for a superb product. You have a real winner.”

Peter Austin, Expedition Leader, Everest Canada Climb for Hope

Design Shelter Inc. (DSI) is a world leader in the manufacturing of lightweight portable shelter systems. DSI’s product portfolio includes three series of portable shelter styles:

The Habitat or MH Series

The Long Habitat or MLH Series

The Disaster Relief Tent or DRT Series

Military MH Series Shelter At 26 SQM

Military MH Series Shelter At 26 SQM

Military MLH Series Shelter At 52 SQM

Military MLH Series Shelter At 78 SQM


Design Shelter strives to create value-added shelter systems and base camps by creating customer specific innovations and enhancements to our designs. If our clients can envision it, we can implement a custom designed interior layout that best meets their field requirements. For example, interior spaces can be configured with hard wall, sound-attenuating partitions resulting in a single bedroom with bath facility option. Whatever the interior space requirement within our shelters, we are ready to be of service to our clients.  Our engineers ensure that any interior space can be removed easily and rebuilt at another location. Our goal for ultimate portability is paramount.

In an effort to create the most value for our customers, we offer shelter interconnection kits that allow for the creation of a large complex. Our clients are not required to leave the shelter complex and go out of doors to transfer from one shelter to the next. Through our interconnect hallway kit, any sized complex can be constructed. For locations with demanding environmental conditions as in extreme hot or cold climates, our clients have the freedom to transfer from one location to another within our network of structures.

2 Person MLH1935 With Private Bathroom

Sample Design Shelter Interconnected Complex


We also work diligently to support those in need after natural disasters strike. In addition to our core Canadian-made line of MH and MLH series shelters, we offer a further option. Through our business partnerships and associations in mainland China, Design Shelter is able to deliver large quantities of DRT series shelters to any location worldwide, in a very short time frame.


DRT Series 60 SQM Tent