“We utilized Design Shelter during the Haiti earthquake disaster of 2010 to help us source tents to be used as classrooms for children and as cholera clinics.  We were very pleased by their efforts to get us 50 shelters delivered to Haiti in a matter of weeks.  I would not hesitate to utilize Design Shelter again in the future on a similar emergency”

Stephanie Ashton-Smith, Senior Manager, Gifts In Kind Program, Plan Canada

Design Shelter is dedicated to providing a series of professional services which can assist with the successful delivery and deployment of all DSI products and camps. This is accomplished by offering the following options of service:


We are able to ensure that your Design Shelter camp is quickly and safely delivered to your job site.  We have significant experience moving our camp products from our factory in Mississauga to anywhere in the world. Through utilizing our long time alliances with a series of professional freight forwarders and shipping companies, we make certain that the focus is on cost effectiveness and timeliness. Whether your shipment needs to utilize road, sea or air travel, Design Shelter is able to ensure that our products arrive safely and when expected, thereby allowing your camp to be deployed on schedule.

By Road

By Sea

By Air


We are able to offer your firm professional turn-key camp installation services. We accomplish this by offering options of 1) supervision of your own construction staff; 2) utilization of our own management and technical resources; or 3) the hiring of local skilled labour and contractors as required.

DSI strives to maximize the utilization of local content on its installation projects including sourcing of raw materials, construction supplies, tools and miscellaneous equipment. We also try to hire local skilled labour when possible.  For extreme remote locations, DSI can arrange for local workers to be trained for skills which would typically entail carpentry, plumbing and electrical.

On-Site Installation With Local Skilled Labour


Design Shelter offers comprehensive training services to our clients including “train the trainer” sessions. There are subtle methods and modes of assembly for DSI base camps to ensure effective deployment in differing environmental conditions. Our trainers will work with your organization to develop the best possible courses to meet your needs which could include factory training sessions in Canada, client headquarters training sessions, or on-site classes. Assembling and commissioning a Design Shelter base camp is not complicated as our primary objective is fast and effective camp installation.  However, in order to minimize camp deployment and redeployment timelines, basic user training is recommended and we would be pleased to work with you on what that means for your organization.

Custom Training Sessions Are Designed To Fit Our Clients Needs

Custom Training Sessions Are Designed To Fit Our Clients Needs