Internal Shelter Walls


Design Shelter has designed a series of modular interior hard panel walls for use in camps where interior room privacy is desired. The DSI wall kit is constructed in a series of identical shaped panels to be installed on site simply and easily.

Each wall panel is constructed of high quality materials which offer both sound attenuation and some thermal insulation between adjacent rooms. Each hard panel is colored white to maximize interior lighting conditions and is easy to clean and maintain in the field.

As a soft walled structure, all external noise elimination is not possible. However, our interior hard panel walls offer a significant reduction in background noise and allow for superior privacy within a soft sided structure.

DSI has a series of standard interior hard panel wall configurations but is pleased to design an interior space that best meets your needs in the field. Please contact your local Design Shelter sales representative to learn more about interior partition walls for any Design Shelter series unit.

Optional Solid Wall Interior

2-Person Sleeper With Bathroom

Sample 7 or 14 Person Sleeper