Similar to all Habitat portable shelters, the shower system features an articulated aluminum mainframe, snap lock eave and base bars and Velcro fastened cover system. Standard shower shelters provide zippered entries, while optional integrated aluminum framed doors are available. The cover is the same durable, waterproof vinyl-coated polyester fabric used on all of our shelters. Standard opaque vinyl skylight panels in the roof lend an open atmosphere to the inside of the shower. Shower catch basins are plumbed for the recovery of gray water.

Standard double stall shower configuration is two individual shower stalls with zippered entry doors. The double shower comes packaged in one durable vinyl field bag. The shower can also be configured as a single stall with dressing room. Water distribution manifolds are provided with two individually controlled low volume nozzles. No tools are required for assembly. Optional flexible, elevated shower floor matting is available and rolls up to store in the shower transport bag. The portable shower self-priming sump pump is designed to evacuate water from the shower basin and discharge to an appropriate collection point or device such as a gray water bladder. Equipped with a specially designed suction hose and strainer, the sump will keep water levels in the basin below 3.2 mm (1/8″). The pump has run dry capabilities and will not be damaged if the water source is shut down.

An individual stand-alone shower stall version is also available.

Double Shower

Dual Shower Head Configuration

Raised Antimicrobial Floor Matting