Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning

Design Shelters have been deployed to extreme weather conditions worldwide.  In order to maintain a pleasant environment inside each portable shelter, our company has designed a series of heating, ventilating and air conditioning units to support each shelter and the application to which it is deployed.

Convector Diesel Air Heater

Arctic Breeze Environmental Control Unit


Design Shelter’s diesel-fired indirect heat exchange air heater was designed to accommodate our shelters in extreme cold weather conditions.  Special considerations were implemented to allow our heater to admirably and reliably perform at very low external temperatures.  Designed primarily as a recirculating air heating system, the heater can be utilized in any Design Shelter to efficiently heat the interior space. Several safety features as well as design considerations for reliability dominate the Convector heater system.  Visual and audible alarms together with automatic shut-off controls ensure that our heater performance is always safe.

Specifically designed for appropriate heating capacity for Design Shelter’s largest footprint shelters, internal thermostat control ensures that interior temperature is continuously maintained.  With interior temperature control and unique use of fan and burner timers, Design Shelter has mitigated any large temperature fluctuations to the interior of the shelters together with maximizing the fuel efficiency of the burner.

Each machine is mounted on heavy duty run-flat foam wheels with adequate grab handles to allow for movement along difficult ground conditions.  An optional skid mount base is offered.

Design Shelter’s Convector brand air heater delivers reliable performance and interior thermal comfort regardless of extreme cold conditions externally.

Universal Remote Thermostat

Convector Diesel Air Heater

Convector Heater With Wheel Kit

Convector Heater With Military Skid Kit With Tow Bar

Convector Air Heaters Are Stackable


Design Shelter’s Arctic Breeze Air Conditioner and Heat Pump units were also designed for extreme weather conditions.  In hot climates, our air conditioner delivers reliable cooling performance to the interior of our shelters. The Arctic Breeze Heat Pump further adds value by being able to produce air heating capacity on cool nights or in locations that experience large fluctuations in external ambient temperatures from day to night.  With it’s internally mounted remote thermostat (same t-stat is shared between the heater and HVAC units), each machine controls air temperature inside the shelters with precision accuracy by cycling on and off as required.

Mounted on heavy duty run-flat foam wheels and with a protective frame, each unit is designed for robust handling along uneven terrain.  Forklift pockets are included for applications where mechanical lifting machines are prevalent.

The Arctic Breeze Air Conditioner and Heat Pump delivers cool/clean air in any environment and performs extremely well in remote locations where reliability is paramount.

Arctic Breeze Protective Frame and Wheel Kit

Universal Air Plenum

Internal Air Intake and Discharge


Design Shelter has designed a series of modular air filtration systems created to connect in series with either our diesel air heater or HVAC unit.  Basic air filtration is offered utilizing standardized MERV air filters, or sophisticated air cleaning systems can be provided comprising of HEPA air filtration technology.  Design Shelter is pleased to discuss your air filtration requirements and supply you with a solution that best meets the needs of your mission.

Air Filtration Unit

Air Filtration Internal Components