Remote Workforce


“We are very pleased with the performance of your tents in extreme winter conditions.  Mother Nature provided us with an excellent test of your tents.  We have no hesitation in working with your company again for our winter camp clients and look forward to building more base camps utilizing your products in the future”

Jeff Taylor, Managing Director, Outland Camps

High Winds – No Problem


Design Shelter specializes in on-site temporary facilities for any kind of remote exploration activity.  Our camps perform admirably in all weather conditions, so as a soft walled solution this can result in superior cost savings over utilizing a hard walled camp.  As a typical Design Shelter camp is 40% lighter than competitive steel frame based soft walled shelter solutions, the cost for logistics to the site can also be substantially less. With a robust inventory of shelter systems available for fast turnaround, a Design Shelter camp can prove to be a tremendous advantage for your exploration activities.

Nunavut Summer Exploration Camp


Design Shelter soft walled shelters are ideally suited as reliable base camps for more permanent mine construction projects.  As a temporary solution that delivers robust performance in extreme weather conditions including temperatures as low as -50°C, year round performance is unmatched.  If you are planning to develop your remote site into a long term permanent camp, our shelters offer your engineers and construction crews cost effective comfort and reliability at a fraction of the cost of a phased in permanent camp solution.  Design Shelters are inexpensive to mobilize by air and when deployed are trustworthy and robust for the time it takes to perform pre-works and accept delivery of more permanent facilities. 

Baker Lake Mine Site


The forest industry has been using our shelters for many years for tree planting expeditions and as temporary monitoring stations in remote locations across the country.  They have recognized the ability of our soft walled shelters to be moved from location to location expediently.  While deployed, they have provided crews with field reliability and exceptional performance, thereby allowing field teams to perform their tasks with confidence, and when back at camp, allowing them to recharge in a comfortable environment.

As Design Shelter’s first public safety based market, forest fire management teams quickly recognized the value in rapid deployment and lightweight portability of our shelter systems.  For many years, forest fire fighting teams have relied on Design Shelters to act as base camps, accommodations and medical facilities.