Electric Generators



Design Shelter works with preferred, experienced suppliers of electric power systems to design field kits that meet the unique needs of our clients.  Through years of delivering various electric generator capacities, our company has specialized expertise in supplying generator kits which will provide adequate power and back up for remote deployments.

Design Shelter understands the amount of electric power that is required for our camps which include our heating and cooling equipment and lighting, along with other generic electrical appliances.  We would be happy to discuss the power needs of your camp to ensure that there are no oversights in the field.


140 kW Portable Electric Generator With Distribution Panel

15 kW Portable Electric Generator


Design Shelter works closely with our partners and clients to predesign and configure specialized electrical distribution panels and power distribution systems in advance of camp delivery. In many cases it is more effective to preconfigure your camp environment in advance of the equipment delivery.

Should a client prefer to build electrical distribution systems on site, our partner electrical engineers will work with you to implement that design in the field.

Portable Electric Distribution Panel