Shade Netting


Design Shelter offers solar shade nets for it’s MH and MLH series shelters that are extremely efficient in hot and sun-intense climates. The addition of the DSI solar shade net in conjunction with our thermal insulation kit, effectively almost doubles the thermal insulation value of the shelter to an impressive R-value of ~15. The shade net fits over top of the shelter structure with a suitable air gap between the shelter exterior vinyl layer and the shade net itself. Subsequently, it creates an extra cooling effect by protecting against the sun’s radiant energy to naturally keep the interior space of the shelter cooler than the outdoor ambient temperature.

Design Shelter offers a standard shade net solution for the purpose of providing shade only, and for military applications can also double as camouflage with the very latest in world class camouflage technology.

For the MH and MLH series shelters, our solar shade net is a completely separate kit from that of the exterior vinyl cover set.

Our superb shade net technology enhances your thermally insulated shelter allowing air conditioning equipment to operate more efficiently, which results in significant fuel savings.

Stay cool inside any Design Shelter with our optional solar shade net solution.

Military Camouflage Net Application

South Sudan Shade Net Deployment

Air Gap Between Vinyl Roof And Shade Net