Table/Desk & Shelving Sets

Desk and Shelf Set

Desk And Shelf Set Installed

Integral custom fit table/desk and shelving sets are available for all models of the H and LH series of portable shelters. The set consists of a collapsible, anodized aluminum table/desk, two shelves and associated stainless steel brackets. The desk and shelves are designed to simply affix to the interior of the frame of the shelter using the supplied thumb screw style brackets.

All shelter model desks measure 67 cm (26.5″) wide and the shelves are 25 cm (10″) wide. The total length of the desk and shelf set varies with each shelter model as they are designed to fit between any two adjacent vertical leg bars. The desk folds together into a convenient carry case for the shelves and brackets and is easily installed in a matter of minutes.


Packed Desk And Shelf Set

Packed Desk And Shelf Set